Would you accept this trade? Elliot, Fournette, Julio, Evans

PPR. 2 RB, 3 WR/TE FLEX, no TE requirement

I receive - Ezekiel Elliott, Mike Evans
I give away - Leonard Fournette, Julio Jones

My RBs - Fournette, Coleman, Duke Johnson, No Mopportunities
My WR/TEs - Julio, Hooper, John Brown, Juju, Robby, Dorsett, Manny Sanders

Would you do this?

Dynasty or redraft?

In both cases I would accept that offer. I don’t quite understand why anyone would offer that deal to you.

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Redraft. He’s in a must win situation next week and has lots of guys on bye including Zeke week 8. I was leaning yes too. So this is a no brainer and I’m over thinking it?

For me…

Ezekiel Elliott >>>> Leonard Fournette
Mike Evans > Julio Jones (2019. Could be a hot take.)

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Ryan could be out, I like the zeke side of the trade

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Is it worth probably conceding week 8? I’m 4-3. With Lamar on bye and I’ll be starting Coleman and Duke Johnson :nauseated_face: as my RBs, I’m going against the top scoring team with no bye week players.

At 4-4 if you lose where would that put you in standings? Still able to make playoffs? I have a possible 6 teams to be 5-2 tied for first in my league. And I’m not one of them likely missing playoffs unless they start knocking each other off

My bad I thought you were the guy that said he was 4-0 then went 4-3 lol
But second part still stands where will you be next week after the bye?

I’m in a weak division, likely will make it but my schedule stiffens up in the next few weeks. I like how Leonard is basically that entire offense but oh man is their O line bad at run blocking. I was just curious how big of an upgrade Zeke was over Fournette as my RB depth is hot garbage. I see Julio and Evans pretty close rest of season and my WR depth looks promising.

I’d take zeke over fournette. He leads the league in rushing but he’s getting 25+ carries every game, lot of hits he’s taking. Zeke has an oline that he can get around and cooper keeps the safety high.

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My man. Thanks for your time. Trade has been accepted.

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Good luck!

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In a heartbeat

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Evans > Julio seemed controversial two weeks ago. Seems solid now. Thanks again!