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Would you accept this trade? Half ppr


I trade:
Mark Ingram
Sony Michel
Keke coutee

I receive:
Mike Evans
Jordan Howard

This rest of my roster is:
James Connor
Doug baldwin
Corey clement
Corey Davis
Dion Lewis
Ito Smith


hellllllll no. That is awful trade.


I countered with Corey clement instead of Sony. Do you think that’s a better offer?


no i still think you are getting ripped off


Thank you for the replies


Jordan Howard is slowly losing his reps while Sony and Ingram are flourishing. And keke coutee is playing pretty well especially with Will fullers nagging injury. If you want Mike evans i think trading Ingram or michel straight up is fair.


wow, that’s a bad trade for you


Yeah Evans is the player I want. I offered the straight up trade for either RB so we’ll see what the counter is. If I get countered with Mark Ingram or Sony plus keke would that be better? If I get Evans I’m not going to need keke with AB, Evans, and Baldwin all past their byes next week


I personally still wouldn’t do that. It would be a rip off I just dont think it really benefits you that much. I understand that you would like another stud WR. If i were you I would try and package trade conner and corey davis for a low to mid range WR1. Maybe try and trade for someone like Robert Woods who isn’t a massive name but puts up big numbers on a great offense. If you really want Mike Evans, I would try Connor and Baldwin. And maybe add dion lewis on top if he still doesnt accept.


God. No. Absolutely not.


Thanks for all your input dude. I appreciate it