Would you accept this trade? PPR

My current team is
RB: Saquon, Zeke, Mixon, J. Conner and Kerryon
WR: Adams, Sanders, K. Allen, Tate and Golladay

8man PPR home league

Who is the best available to pick up since you’ll have a free roster spot? Id take it easily

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So if you would be sending Diggs for Tate and Johnson, I would. If it was the other way around, no

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I would be getting Diggs… I understand it’s high value for diggs but this is an 8man league

It’s a tough call. I think Thielen is the best option for PPR leagues. Diggs I’m a bit down on Diggs but Tate has had 2 low scoring games I believe. You have decent RB depth.

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Yea I just don’t like how many mouths the lions have… And diggs could be really good depending on the matchup