Would you accept this trade

I sent a trade to get Kareem, for Lynch and Robby Anderson

Cancel it.

Keep Hunt. Be patient.

EDIT: Oops. Re-read it. If they take it awesome, but I don’t think that’s going through.

I’m trying to get Hunt lol

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I’m gonna try lol He has Devontae Freeman and Goodwin so I’ll see how desperate he is lol

Oh I see what’s up now lol

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I’m scheming hard lol

Lynch and Anderson are players I wouldn’t want on my bench and hunt I want in my lineup, if this goes through please invite me to league next year

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You need top offer a #1 at a position he is weak and you have depth. Startable guys for him for him to bite. Yours offered might be 1 bench. So flat no. Allow it to hurt a little, but feel happier overall.

you most likely need to up the anny

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