Would you accept this?

Been offered Latavius Murray if I send Hunter Renfrow.

Half ppr league

I have:
Kamara, Chubb, Carson, Akers

Kupp, Thielan, Aj Brown, Higgins, Van Jefferson, Ross.

Thanks Guys

I’d take the Kamara handcuff. The raiders drafted two high potential wrs, Renfrow is a wr3/ flex at best

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I agree with @pweek here. Latavius may not have much long-term value, but he’s valuable to you for this season. Similarly, Renfrow may not have value either due to the reasons @pweek mentioned above.

I’d do it. :man_shrugging:

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Id consider Murray as the best handcuff in the league. Id smash that accept button if you havent already.

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