Would you add Justin Jackson instead of…

Malcolm Brown or Hines on the bench?

If ppr id rather have hines.

For me chargers have one rb worth rostering in Ekeler. If he misses its a committee of Jackson, Kelley and Rountree where nobody can be relied on in my opinion.

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PPR - I’d take JJ over Brown, but not Hines.

Standard - I’d take JJ over Hines and Brown.

TD-only scoring - I’d take JJ over Hines, but not Brown.

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Sorry guys I should of stated this is half PPR

Yea Hines in PPR is a lock in for sure.

This is half PPR. Not sure if it’s worth the move or not. Guess we don’t fully know how Miami back field is going to play out either.

Agreed on Hines in PPR.

Half PPR has me wondering if it’s worth the move…without knowing how the Miami back field shakes out it could just be a side ways step