Would you agree that Cam is done? Should i roll with josh allen or jackson? thoughts? Made it into round of the playoffs in both of my leagues!

I am done with cam

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I don’t know if he’s done and i’d have a hard time sitting him for Allen, Jackson i must admit but i am really getting close to making this call myself too.

I’ve got Mayfield in the mix as well on waivers, i just don’t know if i can trust him vs the Saints and Falcons. It would be painful to lose with him on my bench if he has a big game but right now i think i could honestly deal with it. Barley got into double figures this week in my league…

This week i’ll try and grab one or two of these QB options (Jackson and Mayfield are the preferred) then i’ll have to see what the week brings and decide from there.

If Jackson is a go I’m firing him up and Dixon

Yes, im sitting cam next week(assuming i get 12 points from thielen tonight). I have jackson and put a claim on allen. I will spend the week trying to make this decision lol
Hopefully the ballers will talk about this scam newton situation in today or tomorrow show

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Same, I’d rather play Jackson this week and then Allen against the pats

I said this in a previous post: id rather lose with josh allen or jackson scoring 15 points, than with cam newton scoring 11 points, my 7th round pick, second qb off the board, the guys whos supposed to be a stud.

At least with allen/jackson, my expectations arent that high and i can understand if they have bad games, cause they are rookies

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I really hope he gets some air time this week as well on a few podcasts i listen too and gets a reasonable assessment vs the widely available options like Allen, Jackson, Mayfield etc would be good to get some takes.

Listening to Mike Tagliere on my way to work this morning talking about possibly sitting Brees, if Cam isn’t giving you the safe floor of 40-60 rushing yards a game then he needs to be put in that conversation. Also i got Cam in the 8th and he is often a QB who is rostered alone in single QB leagues after last year Brees would have had a back up and a lot of players hold two QBs all year but Cam is one of the few that you just always start and you know what you are getting plus the ceiling potential if he has a big day running.

Now that he is starting to suffer with the shoulder and not rushing much, and importantly not getting any of the goaline work at all which is limiting his floor and ceiling the time to seriously consider other options is now.
I’ll be a little disappointed if Cam is just given his cursory top 5-7 QB ranking this week in the ECRs later in the week.

I got blocked from getting josh Allen : /. Cam or Jackson??

Looks like I’m gonna have to play cam

Did any reports come out about Jackson’s leg/ankle? I haven’t read up on anything but I watched the game and it looked to me like he was hurt.

I personally would play Cam. Even though he’s had a couple of crappy weeks and the shoulder is an issue, I would start the QB that got you here. Especially when the match up is too good. Even if Cam can’t pass it downfield, you have the luxury of knowing he can short pass or dump pass to CMC…you know what he can do.

I’m in this same predicament. I just added Josh Allen and thinking about playing him over Cam. I also have McCaffrey, and I’m thinking about playing Ian Thomas over Trey Burton.

A 3 stack might doom me if Cam is bad again.

I’ve not seen anything about Jackson ankle as yet myself but he, Allen and Baker are on the wire for me if i need them.

In the same boat with Cam as well, I’ve also got Moore as my only depth WR (standard league) for Allen and OBJ so if OBJ misses again (which seems unlikely) i don’t know how i’ll feel stacking Cam with anyone not named CMC!

As no one is blocking the QBs for me in the playoffs they all have other concerns themselves and have to hold backups, DSTs for next week etc so i can wait until Friday/Saturday and see what the word is on him but i’m worried to say the least!

Hoping Allen and either Gordon or Jackson (if Ekeler misses too) can get me a healthy start to the matchup. Bad games will make this Cam decision even harder

I’m playing against Gordon so I’m hoping he missses. If my team starts out on a good note on the Thursday game. I think Josh Allen has the safer floor. Would you agree?

It’s really difficult to say with confidence that Allen does have the safe floor over Cam. Mostly because Allen doesn’t have designed runs to the same degree that Jackson does so even though it’s been an amazing baseline for 3 weeks my worry is that that’s all the Bills have so what if the Lions go all out making him stay in the pocket and take his rushing down to say 40-50 yards?

Couple that with his awful passing numbers and penchant for turnovers he needs to have at least 75 yards on the ground and ideally a score so he would actually be the ceiling play for me to be honest. Providing Jackson is 100% and there isn’t any news on Flacco taking snaps or better yet inactive again i believe the floor is with Jackson and his ceiling is similar to Allen’s.

Also if Cam ends up throwing two/three yard dump offs that go for 30-40 yard TDs to CMC which is very possible that’s a pretty solid play given that he should be around 225-250 in the air and maybe 10-25 on the ground so he would also be a ceiling play who probably has a better floor than Allen just given the weapons around him - would you agree with that? I don’t love either this week TBH and would much rather get a good week of practice from Cam and be more comfortable with him again rather than trust my playoff matchup to Allen

The other factor that’s going for Cam is that they’re at home and it’s a MUST WIN. Panthers are still playing for something. The Bills are not.

Yes that too and the Saints on the road are a different beast to the Saints at home and are beatable for sure.

I swear if Allen comes out and puts up 28-30 points and Cam gets 12-15 and costs me my matchup…

That’s been the trend for 2 straight games. But the Panthers were also on the road the last 2 weeks as well. Cams worst game at home has been 17 points. All the rest home games have been 20+.


im confident that im wont start cam this week. I picked up allen, and i already have jackson.
Allen plays at home, and i believe it will be snowing or at least very cold, so they’re going to run the ball way more, and shady got injured last week. So im banking on allen to have a good game on the ground.
Also, jackson has a great matchup against the bucks, if he’s 100% healthy, i’d still go him over cam newton.

I’m seriously done with cam for the season, dont think his healthy enough to give me the points i expect from him…

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As i have Allen and either Gordon, Jackson or Ware playing tomorrow if they give me a hefty lead i’m thinking between 30-40 points as it’s standard scoring i may consider playing Jackson if he is healthy over Cam just to ensure the safe points. But if Jackson is banged up and Flacco is active and going to get snaps i think i would roll Cam at home over Allen. Allen doesn’t have designed runs and the snow can make the game go either way - could be great for him or just total chaos and fantasy irrelevance for everyone involved.

Fantasy playoffs- what are you doing to us!?