Would you attempt any offers?

I’ve got quite a bit of depth at RB and I was looking at targeting another top tier RB. Would you consider me sending Damien Williams & Marvin Jones Jr for Julio Jones? Is that a fair offer? He’s probably the team in the league with the weakest backfield and strongest receiving corps.

Here’s my team make up:
QB- Cam, Jameis (dropable candidate)
RB- CMC, D. Cook, Fournette, Damien Williams, Miles Sanders
WR- JuJu, Cooks, Mike Williams, Lockett, Dede, M. Jones, C. Samuel
TE- Hooper

Here’s the other team:
QB- Wilson, Trubiskey
RB- Ingram, Montgomery, D. Thompson
WR- DeAndre, Julio, G. Allison, AJ Green, Cole Beasley, Ted Ginn, M. Hardman
TE- Ertz, Ebron

Not exactly fair, but you can always try it. If anything, you’d probably have to pony up CMC or Cook to get Julio (assuming it to be PPR).

Thank you, yes full 1 ppr. The reason i’m looking to move someone is the risk I took at RB with Cook, Williams, and Fournette…only a matter of time before one of them gets hurt or Williams may end up splitting time with Thompson.

Like my team, just dk if I’m content with it?

I wouldn’t play the ‘what-if’ or ‘it’s only a matter of time’ game with injuries because with that same thinking you could make the case that Miles Sanders will step into a workhorse role over the course of the season or CMC will get hurt because of his workload. It’s never good to rely on that form of thinking and can lead to tilt trades that aren’t in your favor a lot IMO. Really I think you should be content with your team right now because overall I think your team is built pretty well.

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Thank you for the advice! I live in Chiefs country so I know I can get pretty decent value out of Damien Williams. Can’t play 4 RBS at time and like you said if Miles Sanders explodes onto the scene by week 3 or 4 now I’ve got 5 solid RBs and can’t use them all…