Would you be happy with this team?

Had my league draft on the weekend 2 QB 1/2 ppr 10 man league. I had the 1 spot. Would you be happy with this ?
QB, 2RB, 3WR, Flex, Superflex, TE, DEF, K, 6BN

  1. Todd Gurley
  2. A.j. Green
  3. Devonta Freeman
  4. Golden Tate
  5. Marshawn Lynch
  6. Alex Smith
  7. Marcus Mariota
  8. Corey Davis
  9. Robby Anderson
  10. Case Keenum
  11. Isaiah Crowell
  12. Pierre Garcon
  13. Peyton Barber
  14. Jared Cook
  15. Sterling Shepard
  16. Vikings DEF
  17. Stephen Gostkowski

For a 2 QB league, you should have gotten at least 1 stud QB keenum and smith are both outside top 12 QB’s, other than that, pretty good.

yeah definitely my weak spot. I waited a little late.

Yeah if you were not getting a stud qb I would have waited until the 9th or 10th and snagged whoever was left back to back, but all in all you have a solid line up

Yeah Panicked on the turn. It’s hard staring down 20 picks to your next one lol.