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Would YOU be okay with these RB's with this set of WR's first 7 rounds Mock Draft


So i was proposed a trade so as I always do i switch the picks then do some mocks.
My picks in this years 1 keeper redraft league would be:
(1.06) (2.02) (2.05 keeper) (4.12) (5.01) (7.01) (7.11)

My picks were in order of:
Odell Beckham Jr
Dez Bryant
Mike Evans (keeper)
Mike Gillislee
Terrelle Pryor
Danny Woodhead
Ameer Abdullah

The trade is 1.01 and 3.11 for 1.06 and 2.01.

I honestly wouldnt mind those backs being my starters. Yeah its risky as hell but their upsides pretty good and those WRs are stacked. My league is FULL PPR.


I think it sounds like a good idea, especially if you can pad your RB depth with upside in the later rounds. Would consider targeting another RB at the end of the 4th [maybe Ty Montgomery?] instead Gilleslie, but that’s just my personal preference since I prefer not to roster Patriots. The beauty of your strategy is in the trade value, you could likely retool your team mid-season pretty easily if need be.


id have to disagree personally about ty over gillislee but like you said preference.

I agree that id be able to retool the only thing is im passing up David Johnson which is always tough but this might be the best offer ill get and i like it a lot.

If i do this trade ill basically be looking for 4 Rbs over the next 6 rounds haha