Would you consider keeping a QB?

Draft coming up for a 10 team, full PPR keeper league - 16 spot roster. I have the first draft pick in a snake draft. I need some advice on who I should keep. My choices are: Chubb in the 6th round or Mahomes in the 13th. The value for either of them is great (especially Mahomes), but there are a bunch of great QBs and not a whole lot of great RBs. I realize Mahomes probably won’t be as dominant as last season, but he basically got me to the playoffs in our league by himself. QBs get 6 points per TD and have a bonus for big yardage games. Do I risk getting behind in filling my RB/WR spots to keep him or do I go ahead and take care of my RB spots and get to focus on WRs for my 2nd and 3rd round picks? Thanks in advance.

I lost in the playoffs and it had nothing to do with my QB. I was winning with Tyrod, Dak, Winston, Dalton, Flaco and Jackson. Streamed the position all season.

Some games they really sucked but it didn’t matter. I had the heavy hitter RB’s, Kelce, and strong WR’s. Teams were trying to mop up any ok QB’s to block me. Several teams were rostering 3 QB’s. Insane.

What got me in the end was Fournette. This year I’m stocking up on the best RB’s I can get and will continue streaming QB’s. I needed one more RB last year.

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Unless you’re in a 2 QB league, I think the better value is Chubb in the 6th. You can draft a good QB later, you can’t draft a good RB later.