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Would you consider Rodgers or Brady in the third round with the 5th pick?


I am in a ten team ppr league with the 5th pick. In this league passing TD’s are worth 4 points. I have also purchased the Ultimate Draft Kit and will be using the tier based drafting. I am considering choosing Rodgers and Brady with my pick in the 3rd round if they are available, I know the Footballers always state to wait on drafting a qb, but is Rodgers or Brady worth a pick in the 3rd round given their ADP’S? According to the article on Fantasy Footballers Understanding Tier Based drafting the tier 1 qb is equivalent in drafts to a tier 4 rb or a tier 3 wr. All feedback appreciated, thanks !


I would consider both at that spot, depending on what else was available. If I am not thrilled with the RBs, that would help that decision.


I think I’d rather have Gronk if he fell to that range than one of those QBs since you can makeup QB points easier than TE points later in the draft but if you don’t want to worry about having to stream QB then I say go for it.

I’ve got a keeper question if you don’t mind weighing in?


Thanks for the feed back, I think in a half point ppr I am leaning toward Crowder, but don’t think you can go wrong either way. You never know what Patriots rbs are going to do week to week , and I think Gillislee is injured right now but I think that’s an upside pick getting him in the 10th round, good luck !