Would you consider sitting LeVeon this week?

Given the horrendous matchup against NE, would you consider sitting Bell? Let’s say you can start Breida instead, or someone of the like?

Feels gross but I would start Bell unless your other options are clearly better. I don’t think Brieda is clearly better

Have to start Bell. He’s not going to share touches. It’s tough but with Darnold back, they’ll be able to mix it up more with the air attack so the defense isn’t looking at Bell.

Gotta start Bell, is there any other way of getting Breida in your lineup?

I agree he will face less attention than when he was the lone threat in the previous game vs NE… NE did not face a real offense so far neither…

Still have my flex for Breida. Need to chose between him, Boyd, Golden Tate, Singletary, and maybe Chase Edmond if Johnson is out…

No easy call this week! :grimacing: