Would you consider trading Juju for Mike Evans?

I am a Juju owner, but looking for a trade to get Mike Evans or Keenan Allen hopefully? So would you hold him or trade him?

10 team Full PPR League w/ 3 WRs
-3 Bonus Points added w/ 40+ yard receptions

I’m thinking of trying to trade him for OBJ, Evan’s and then Keenan. Package deal, most owners in my league dont have depth so I might have to give up one. Who do you think I should package?
Aaron Jones
Sony Michel
Miles Sanders

Thanks for the input! I believe the two RBs that you should package with Juju are Michel or Kerryon, because Michel is more game script and at times the script can vary for the Patriots. With the news of Anderson being cut from the lions is great news, but the other RBs have much higher upside in the long run, I believe. Good luck in trades!

I would trade him for Allen, not Evans.

Thanks for the input! I am trying to create a package deal with Juju for Allen. The Allen owner has Waller and Burton for tight ends, so I can try trade him Evan Engram with Juju to get Allen (I have Mark Andrews). Hopefully, I can trade him Juju and Engram for Allen and Waller!

I got offered JUJU for my Thielen and Oj howard? what you think?

Would be a big no from me.

That is a tough scenario, because it depends on your lineup. How does your TE and WR lineup?

Most of the time I say no, but depends on your lineup.

I have WAller as my TE
AB,THielen, shepard, chark

Thats’s a hard one for me, but I would in the scenario that if you believe O.J. Howard just is a non-existent TE in the Bucs future for offense. I believe that Vikings offense is better, but game script for them is very run heavy. On the other hand, the Steelers game script is negative, which favors the WRs game script. Both are good receivers, so that one is tough. Another belief scenario for you is which receiver do you believe would get more targets in a game or overall end of season?

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THanks for the input. Yea I am worried about the Vikings lack of passing game. I believe JuJu will atleast get peppered. Im probably never going to play OJ over waller. thanks again

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