Would you deal?

Roster - 12 team .5

Thielen (bye 12)
Fitz (bye 12)

Hunter Henry
Curtis Samuel

Receive - Melvin, Kittle & Robby Anderson or John Brown

Give - Ingram, Hooper and Fitz

Josh Allen is on waivers and I was considering dropping someone from my bench to pick up for Russ’ bye week (Allen faces Miami) or maybe rolling with Allen rest of season and selling Russ + WR for a WR1/2



Take that. Easy.

I would take the trade. I do like the idea of trading russ and a WR for a WR1 and run Josh Allen for the rest of the season.

Is try to get John Brown over anderson but I would take the trade. I have allen on my bench. His schedule is favorable the rest of the year

Darnold returning doesn’t improve Robby’s play? Or is he feeding Bell and Crowder heavily instead?

Gordon>Ingram rest of season? Worried about Ekeler or do they let Gordon take on his full workload soon?

Everyone has anderson as their WR1 but I see him like brandin cooks a deep threat so boom or bust. Gordon will be the starter but ekeler will still be involved. Ingram has been td heavy so far and not a high yard volume.

Its looking like Gordon will be their main RD but Ekeler will be more of a pass catcher. Ekeler will be better when they are playing from behind and Gordon will be better when they are ahead. I personally have Ekeler and rather him in a full PPR.

This is a steal. Take this

I’m pushing to have Chark included in this deal. Don’t know why I’m hesitating on the deal. Lol guess I’m that unsure about Gordon

bumping for more feedback - need the little push lol