Would You Do A Trade Like This?

Curtis Samuel and Justin Jackson for Leonard Fournette? Or Marlon Mack? Josh Jacobs maybe?

Point being, do you think this is the level of RB I can generally get by offering Samuel/Jackson? Am I aiming too low maybe? Or is there no hope of getting someone at the Fournette/Mack etc. level with those two?

To elaborate specifically on one of the options, Fournette, that owner also has Zeke and Ekeler and looks like he could use a WR, plus I’m sure he’d appreciate the handcuff for Ekeler, and I have a feeling Gordon won’t be coming back this season so neither Jackson nor Ekeler should lose any value (at least because of that anyway). I could use some reinforcements at RB myself – besides Jackson I have D. Cook, C. Carson and Penny.

League is 12-team full PPR. Thanks in advance.

He is probably going to reject it because Cam is injured and he might not play this week…without Cam, Samuel’s stock kind of drops

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So to relate it to the larger question, probably better to hold off and see what happens with Cam and Samuel first.

I would…much more value with Cam

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Reference the FFB Week 3 Rankings.
I would 100% reject that trade for basically every RB ranked 1-30 (consensus).
A few maybe’s include: Sony, White, Ingram, Breida, D. Will, Duke, Lindsay, Mccoy.

In regards to what to offer other owners, I wouldn’t offer that trade for almost anyone in the top 24 unless Samuel/Jackson had very high weeks.

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You won’t be able to get any of those guys for Curtis and Jackson. He may need a receiver, but if he’s going to trade a starting RB, he can get wayyyy better options than Samuel or Jackson. Also, Cam is hurt now and Jackson is a back up.

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I agree w everyone else. You’re not offering near enough for a RB of that caliber. Juston Jackson is a bench player - so ask yourself if you would accept Curtis Samuel (a player w no track record yet, the #2 WR on a team who’s #1 QB is currently banged up) for a RB like Fournette, Jacobs, etc

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Thanks everyone, I do appreciate the feedback. I think my logic was that together Samuel and Jackson offered more potential PPG (based on their expected scores) than any of those RBs alone, provided both were played, of course. And in the case of Fournette, there was the extra benefit, as I saw it, of receiving Ekeler’s handcuff. No worries, things always evolve during the season and I’ll hold onto both for now.