Would you do Gurley for Bell Straight up? I have A.Brown already

I need some help… Im building for the playoffs and im considering trading Todd Gurley

Half Point PPR
Would you do Gurley for Bell straight up?.. I already have Antonio Brown

As the gurley owner i wouldnt even hesitate… as the bell owner id probably laugh at that offer.

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I get a little nervous putting too many bets on one offense. If they have a down day it could sink your team that week.

Yeah im worried about having to many shares of the steelers too… im looking to flip Gurley though… Who do you think I should target?

Im banking on Name Value and his RB ranking to sell a trade

Yeah I don’t like stacking players either. Why are you wanting to flip him? He’s been playing at such a high level.

Do you want to make a 1-1 trade with him? Or get some depth?

This is a stack I would not mind one bit honestly so I would do it. However, you can get way more for Bell than Gurley, so why not do this trade, then try and flip Bell for two solid players. Ultimately trading Gurley for those two solid players.