Would you do it? Im curious what people would do

Half point PPR … Other roster players do not matter (Trust me all position are covered)

If you had Montgomery and Aaron Jones, would you trade Ty Montgomery for Amari Cooper straight up?

Would you do it?

thats easy now…lol cooper!

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That would be hard to do at this point. No shame in trying to get someone like him as cheaply as you can.

So Monty for Cooper is and undervalued offer? Thanks for the info guys

Rule for trading a RB as per The Fantasy Hitman himself, when trading away a RB always get one in return. With that being said, it just depends on your depth at each position. If your RB are legit but struggle at WR go for it. If you are deeper at WR and this leaves you thin at RB then do not do it. Just 1 for 1 I would take Cooper. I like Montgomery but I would lean towards the healthier of the two which is obviously Cooper at this point.

I pulled the trigger on the trade… I have great Starting RBs and Amazing starting WRs… Montgomery was the guy left on my bench every week partly because of his injury and partly because I flexed other players over him… Plus I still have Aaron Jones

I feel like I got good value for Montgomery… Thnx guys