Would you do this - Fournette for McCoy?

PPR league. I offered Fournette and Keelan Cole for McCoy and A. Jones. They countered with McCoy for Fournette.

What are your thoughts?

I don’t like it, Buafflo’s offense stinks they will be playing from behind, McCoy is just as injury prone and call me crazy but I don’t want to deal with bad ribs and a bad offense lol

Would you consider trading Fournette for a. Jones in Green Bay?

Hale no. unless you are desperate in like a really bad way for any RB that will touch the ball and has been good before. otherwise, i hate this.

No i wouldnt for a jones either unfort. they will never give a jones the ball enough to put him on fournette’s level even being injured for a game here and there.

Ok, thanks for the input. Appreciate it.