Would you do this? Not sure I'm real crazy about it

He’s offering James Connor and Michael Gallup for my Tyreek.

My roster:

WR: Tyreek, McLaurin, John Brown (Q-groin), DJax (Q), B Cooks
RB: C Carson, Chubb, D Mont, C Thompson

His roster:

WR: Keenan, Gollady, Gallup (Q), Dede, Marvin Jones
RB: Connor (Q), Saquan, Josh Jacobs, Royce, Tevin Coleman, Ronald Jones

Not real crazy about it. Already a little weak in the WR dept with DJax still out, Cooks is too inconsistent to depend on much from him week in and week out, and those groin injuries tend to linger.

We’re both 2-4. 10 team PPR

Thanks a mil for any and all thoughts and feedback!!!

I think you keep tyreek. Conner is on bye and you need to win this week

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Well…Tyreek plays Thu and trade offer doesn’t expire til Fri evening. But…yeah…I’m not real anxious to turn loose of Tyreek. LOL…I haven’t even gotten a chance to revel in his glory yet. (didn’t play him this past week…wanted to see what shape he was in first week back).

If you really wan tto move him maybe you can get something better than Conner next week, if Tyreek has another really good showing.

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Yeah, I think he was hoping for a bite since Connor just had a huge blowup week. Thanks bunches for your thoughts @quintana22

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i wouldnt do it. mclaurin will almost assuredly take a step back at some point this season, d jax has a bunch of tough matchups coming up even if he does get healthy, and gallup is not that great to carry your wr group.

you need to keep tyreek and find other ways to improve your rb depth.

Yeah…DRAFT this year was really, really tough, and I had to reach for what I DID get. Not looking good at this point LOL, so I need all the help I can get, and Tyreek and Chubb might be my only hope at this point, barring a miracle like…all the other nine teams in the league get massacred with full team injuries. LOL

And please don’t anybody take me too seriously on that last note. I hate to see these guys go down with season-ending injuries. :zipper_mouth_face:

id hope djax can come back and have a big game, then try to trade him.

or try to trade mclaurin while the iron is still hot.

you might be able to get a decent rb 2 or really good rb 3 for one of those guys.

Just bumping this for any more thoughts. I’m basically in agreement with @quintana22 and @tetoleetd, and definitely appreciate their help and thoughts tremendously, but would absolutely be interested in what others may be thinking as well. Thanks y’all!!!