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Would you do this trade? 2 wr Full PPR


Robert Woods and Josh Gordon or Sutton


Mike Evans


I’d lean Evans over Woods/Sutton. I definitely would lean Woods/Gordon over Evans.


Assuming you have Woods/Gordon/Sutton and were approached by Evans owner. right?


That is correct. My other wr’s are OBJ, DJ Moore and Dez


Evans is coming off a career worst catch rate game. 1 catch. 10 targets. A presumeably minor knee issue is possibly to blame and is affecting his practice time this week. The unstable QB situation is not great for WR’s on top of that.

Evans owner is trying to sell high from what should be a sell low


Yeah that’s what I was thinking, so you think I should negotiate Sutton into the deal instead of Gordon?


Up to the top


I would NOT do this trade. Robert Woods and Gordon/Sutton is WAY more valuable than just Mike Evans. Woods is still on one of the best offenses in the NFL and Josh Gordon is warming up to Tom Brady. Sutton will see more targets as the season goes on, so I would definitely keep Woods, Gordon, and Sutton.