Would You do this Trade before deadline?

Giving: Robert Woods, Robby Anderson, Jimmy Garoppolo, And Jamison Crowder

Getting: Antonio Brown & Brandin Cooks

Would you trade this, will the other person agree to this?

I would try it but you’re trying to get the better 2 players for a pile of off cuts and odd bits so doubt he would go for it unless he desperately needs depth

He is just accepted a trade that was vetoed by my league.

He was giving A. Brown and Brandin Cooks for Isaiah Corwell, Marquise goodwin, Stephen Gostkowski, and Will Fuller.

The player giving up Brown and Cooks is 11th in my league 3-7

You’re offering less than the vetoed offer though. Unsure why it was vetoed unless he’s throwing the towel in in which case yours will likely get vetoed too

kay thanks, He added Mccaffery in it.

Kinda makes sense that you got vetoed. Both trades were ridiculously in your favor. Also he is out of the playoffs. I am 9-1 and you would NOT BELIEVE the trades that I got vetoed :expressionless:.

Yeah, with a 9-1 score they will veto anything that will make your team good, even if it makes the other team better off as well.