Would you do this trade for Cooper and Miller?

Got offered Lamar Miller and armari Cooper for Sanu and Cohen

Would you do that. Im 3-0 and haven’t ever started sanu or Cohen but like them as upside players. Cooper and Miller were drafted to be studs and they have under performed.

Need some advice

My team is
Flex- mccafeey

Chris johnson
Corey Davis

Coleman and DJ on IR

Do it I would most definitely do it cooper is way better than Sanu and Miller gets quite a bit of volume

I totally wouldn’t take this. Cooper for Sanu, you’re right, that’s an underperforming stud vs an upside guy, so it just depends on what you want. But Lamar vs Cohen is why I wouldn’t do it. Cohen is who I would want for the stretch. If you’re looking to stash some depth on your bench, I would stay with the guys you have as who knows what Lamar will be in a few weeks.

@California.Trex would you maybe counter sanu for copper… And leave Cohen and Miller out of it?

Do it. You’re buying low and selling high.

For me it depends on 2 things. What is the scoring? And can you get D’Onta Foreman?

If it’s PPR then keep Cohen. It’s points the other team isn’t scoring and he’s great for bye weeks

I think that Miller is soon for a time share with Foreman and could lose the job to him.

The kicker here for me is what your thoughts are on Amari. I am an owner of him and if you believe in his upside and you are in a standard league and can get Foreman then I might go for it.

@ffmanderson thanks for the detailed post.

It’s a standard scoring league.

Foreman is on another team right now… The owner is 0-3 who owns forman so I could prob could get him by trading one of my bench players pretty easily… Not sure who I’d trade… Maybe tolbert? Or amendola

Frankly, that’s a lot of moving parts but if you know your league and can pull it off then it’s more tempting. I might try to get Foreman first and see where that puts you

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Absolutely make this trade! I think you’re getting the two best players in the trade!

I mean I think it depends on how you feel about them and what you want on your team. I’d prefer Cooper on my team.