Would you do this trade?! I’m 2-3 need help!

Trade Kerryon (on bye) & Olsen for Coleman, Kittle & Foreman standard?

I’m 2-3. I feel like that may be a lot for me to give up for a rental of Coleman. Kerryon’s upside is massive. Also have Kamara (on bye), Thompson, Clement, Dion Lewis & Ekler.


Maybe scale that trade down to like Ekler or Clement and Olsen for Coleman and kittle. It’s a bit much for you. You definitely want to make a trade but not give so much you hurt yourself. Definitely 2 for 2 I wouldn’t do an uneven trade like that. Also cbs sports has a trade value chart cbssports.com/fantasy/football look for Dave Richards can help give you a feel for your values other than your gut

I’d make that trade. It’s pretty fair. Kittle > Olsen by a wide margin.

ANd when Freeman is out, Coleman is pretty decent play. And freeman is out again with foot. Who knows how many games he’ll play this season. Even when he’s been healthy, Coleman is splitting 50/50.

I appreciate the replies. You both have me torn! Haha.