Would you do this trade? please help! Draft picks for thomas

Hey footclan i could really use your advice with a potential trade. I’m 5-5 and playoff borderlOne. Person in last place is offering me one of the following trades

  1. give: 2, 4 pick and agholor
    Get: 5, 6th and Thomas

  2. give: 2,5 agholor
    Get: 6,7 Thomas

  3. give: 2,4 Doctson
    Get: 5,7, Thomas

14team PPR
My lineup is
QB: Prescott 6th round keeper for next year)
David Johnson (1st round keeper for next year)
RB: shady and Nixon
WR: Fitzgerald and Crabtree
Flex: agholor/Collins
TE: Witten

Bench: rivers,morris, rod smith, Doctson, and marlon Mack (18th round keeper)

Do any of those trades make sense and if so which? Need to let him know by noon tomorrow

Thanks y’all!!!

Bump just because of the time limit//

I’m leaning a bit towards no or asking if he’d do 3,5 and 7,8 for agholor
giving away the second pick seems steep

I feel like you should just keep what u got and play the waivers the rest of this wild wild year. Save the picks!

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He’s willing to negotiate so get it cheaper since he just wants a deal done to help next year.

but if he negotiates down would it be worth it? thomas has a much higher floor than my other flexes