Would you do this trade? Punt CEH?

Full PPR-Redraft

Got offered
A. Theilen
R. Tonyun

Robert Gallup
Tyler Higbee

Have Sanders and Montgomery as my other two RBs
Have Chark and Kupp as my other two WR

Was Jarwin owner and ended up trading depth for TEs. Have Ebron as well.

My thoughts is this might not be that bad. I know most people will say if you get CEH then you win this trade and I agree whoever gets best player wins and his floor is super high but him being taken out near goal line concerns me.

Reid schemes what works and CEH had opportunities to get in inside the 5 time and time again the first two weeks and now the last two weeks its pop passes, and underhanded tosses to the full back and tackle eligible. I’m not saying touchdowns won’t come in that offense but it’s been a slow go so far.

I believe Robinson’s ceiling is about what Fournette did last year and that’s not going to be far off what CEH could put up if the touchdowns don’t come. I’m not saying Robinson will end up there but that’s best case. He’s got the backfield to himself. He’s factored in the passing game. He’s a factor on the goal line. The offense just isn’t as good.

Theilen will be way more consistent week to week with byes coming versus Gallup. Viks offense looks to be coming into it’s own while mysteriously Gallup isn’t being factored into these huge numbers the Cowboys are putting up every week. It could bite me if Cooper gets hurt but if not it could hurt me having to put him in a week or two since I’m already sitting at 2 and 2.

Tonyon and Higbee are roughly the same guy. In fact they are two of the 3 players this year to have a 3 td game along with Tyler Lockett. Higbees routes yield high value but he’s not running enough of them right now as Rams are sticking with run heavy approach. Tonyon has earned ARods trust but will never be a first option once Adams comes back, but should be factored in.


Am I crazy to punt on a first round pick?

Also Robinson would be keeper eligible in my league, whereas CEH wouldn’t based on where they were picked.

I think I might do it. I mean you are giving up the frequency of hitting the ceiling at RB for WR but you have about the same floor with those two. Also we have seen CEH get stuffed a ton.

Higbee and Tonyan are about a wash. Running about the same amount of routes except Tonyan has a better QB.

Thielen makes this pretty interesting to me. He pushes me to want to hit the accept.