Would you do this trade? Waller for Herbert/Shultz

Russ owner. Have Matt Ryan as my break glass option.

Would you trade away Waller for Justin Herbert/Dalton Shultz?

I also own Cee Dee Lamb so there would be two starts from same team near weekly.

D Cook and Montgomery owner so injuries have taken their toll but moving to 4-1 in a competitive league just before the bye weeks.

I looked at what guys are doing and averaged it out over a 17 game pace.

Waller is on pace for around 1100 yards and is probably good for 6-7 touchdowns.
Ryan is on pace for 4500 yards and 34 tds

on the other side it seems sort of enticing looking at the sample size we have.

Dalton is projecting over 900 yards and should be good for 5-6 tds with Dak at qb, but isn’t getting thrown to as much as Waller thanks to his massive 19 targets week one. Since then its about even with both getting around 7 a week.

Herbert looks like a big upgrade over Ryan projecting at 5300 yards and 44 tds.

I’m not sure what to do. I’m still inclined to want the floor of Waller combined with the upside, but the Raiders aren’t playing as well and there’s distractions with Gruden now.


If you can swing that trade through, go for it.

However, I personally would not accept that trade as the Herbert/Schultz owner.

I would be prepared for rejection or a counter-offer. IMHO, you will probably need to come after Herbert with more than Waller after Big Herbs’ 50-burger this week.

He offered it to me when Rus got hurt. He’s got a good record too and I guess just wants to upgrade at TE. He already has Josh Allen as he main QB. This was prior to this weekend but Allen has put up 40 plus two weeks straight so maybe he’s not concerned there.

I’m just wondering if anything changes when Gallup comes back but they dont seem to be passing as much to WR right now as long as they can control the running game/line of scrimmage.

If that was offered to you, definitely smash the accept button, like yesterday!

It was in TXT not though official channels. I’m hesitant to give up positional advantage at TE but it might not be tons worse this year.

He countered wanting James Conner because he needs a RB for this week and was worried about D. Harris being banged up and in the dog house for fumbling.

I ended up doing Rus Wilson, James Conner and Waller for Herbert, Shultz, Damien Harris and he’s just going to drop Rus or hold him on bench as a backup.