Would you do this trade

I’m 6-1 in 12 team ppr
Starting line
Prescott, Bell, Hunt, Hilton, Landry, Z. Miller, D. Martin
Tate, Mixon, Moncreif, R. Kelly, McCown, (IR) Luck

Thinking of offering Hilton and Mixon or Kelly for Dez
What’s everyone’s thoughts

Offer up Hilton and Mixon and let’s see if he counters

So would you prefer Kelly over Mixon rest of season

In order to acquire Dez you will have attract with someone remotely similar. Kelley is not someone I would give up Dez for.

The guy I’m tryin to trade has 3 backs on bye and is 1-6 so I thought go low and if he rejects it the offer better

i like your idea. start with kelley. leaves a counter you can accept

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Agreed - start low, you can always improve your offer and I like mixon quite a bit more ROS