Would you do this?

Full ppr OBJ side to get Tyreek side?

  • OBJ, Hyde, Stills
  • T.Hill, Landry, Kerryon

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That’s a dousy. I think obj bounces back a bit here.

I’d want the Hill and Landry side for sure.

I would take the Hill Landry side, Landry is the part that helps put it over the edge for me

I’d want OBJ out of all the players involved, but I think the Hill-Landry-Kerryon side of the deal is better.

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Agreed although I may even want Hill over OBJ after seeing how horrible the NYG OLine and QB was this past week. That KC offense is going to put up mountains of points and all indicators suggest Hill may be the primary recipient thereof, second only to Maholmes.


As an owner of both OBJ and Hill, I would hate to part with either. But in this scenario I like the OBJ side currently. Down the road you might see the RBs involved switch production (fan of N. Chubb) but for the moment I like OBJ side players and roles. Admittedly it is not a landslide.