Would you draft a TE in round 3 if a top 3 is still available?

I’m in a 12 team league standard $250 buy in. $2,250 1st place.I’m draft pick 9. Snake draft. I will draft 2 rbs back to back but in 3rd round. If a top 3 TE is available at pick 9. Should I take it? Or skip it and go straight to a WR? We do 1 qb,2bs,2 wrs, te, flex is rb,wr or te , a kicker and a defense. 6 subs. I draft this Sunday.

On fantasy pro draft wizard. The 2 rbs available are bell or conner on 1st pick and on 2nd pick Mixon or cook. I know 2nd round wont plan out like that on the live draft. I dont mind getting bell or Conner. 2nd pick will be interesting.

I would wait until the 4th and if ertz or kittle are still there Id take them. You will be towards the beginning of the 4th. I would rather take a top wr in the 3rd if you plan on going rb, rb


It all depends on what WRs are there. Although I would prefer a WR here, more than likely your better value will be at a top 3 TE than a lowered tiered WR. If Cooks or Godwin are there, maybe, and then catch OJ coming back. Otherwise go top 3 TE if you can. Good luck

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