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Would you drop any of these guys?


Prosise is available to be picked up and I have an abundance of older RB’s. Would you drop any of the following for him?

Gio Bernard
Jamaal Charles


The Seattle backfield is a crapshoot.


You have 2 players in Bernard and Charles who have some tread left and are hopefully staying on the bench in case of emergency.

You also have Forte, who is looking pretty much worn out, on a team that is a big steaming pile of steamy stuff.

Procise is a high potential flyer. If he stays healthy (IF) and there is an injury or 2, you might have a viable player.

If you ever need to play Forte, you have bigger problems already.


All of them. Forte is on the chopping block, Gio is the 3rd string and Jamaal’s health is suspect to me.


Thanks all. I was feeling the same. The top end of my team is strong just no depth. Then after my draft i realized how old my bench was.


I’m not going to get all in depth, but you should drop any of those guys for prosise. He will catch as many passes as David johnson probably more. The skills not there but he will average 4-6 catches a game