Would you drop anyone here for Ty Johnson PPR

Would you drop anyone from this roster in order to add Ty Johnson today and avoid trying to claim him on waivers come Tuesday? Or even potentially Flex him this week?

If I were to drop anyone I’m leaning between Allen or Crowder. Appreciate any/all help!

10 Team PPR

Doesn’t look like you need him.

Who knows with Detroit and the way they play there RB’s.

Plus they are still bringing guys in like Ajayi

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I prefer anyone to Josh Gordon.

Yeah the fact they brought in Ajayi Friday and with what happened there last with with Tra, I lean towards your line of thinking and just holding off.


My perspective… Right now they have Ty as the “starter” (assuming rational coaching) or at least the between the tackles RB. Mckissic is the change of pace or pass catching back. Paul Perkins has floated between the starting roster and practice squad. I see guys like Ajayi as competition for Paul, not Ty. We all know (or should know) who Ajayi is. They would never roll him out for 15-20 touches. Ty is worth a bench stash. Don’t have to play him today.