Would you drop Cam Newton?

His stats weren’t awful last game. He some how made 300+ yards, but looked terrible while doing it. So many missed passes and a couple that should have been INTs. I’m in a 12 team one QB league but most have two QBs on the roster. If Cam had any trade value I’d do it but I seriously doubt anyone wants to give up anything. My other QB is Russel Wilson… would you drop him for these possible players on waivers or wait another week? Also who would you want pick up on this list?

Demarcus Robinson
DJ Chark
N Agholor

Cam has a good match up this week but some of the throws he has been missing are a little disturbing. I wouldn’t feel bad dropping him if you have Wilson. Cam just isn’t running and without the rushing yards/tds he isn’t close to being a top 10 guy.

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I would hold until you need the roster spot. I wouldn’t drop Cam for any of those 3 personally. Yes, he looked awful, but I’m not convinced he’s garbage yet. See how he does next game with full rest, that bucs game was a short week

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Bump it up. Thanks for you thoughts. Anyone else?

Well Cam might not be even playing now so there’s that.

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I am dropping Newton this week. Risked losing Tevin Coleman to pick up Josh Allen so I didn’t have to compete for him. This is going to be a lost year for Newton, that foot injury is going to knock him out for a while and MIGHT be an option afterward but I bet he attempts to be a pocket passer again when he returns.

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After today’s news I think you can drop him

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I have a waiver in to Drop Cam for J Allen.

I traded Cam for Josh Allen to a Panther fan 15 minutes before kickoff on Thursday (as trades process instantly in this league), and got a nice backup QB as I could not bring myself to drop Cam and let somebody pick him up lol.

Drop him for a better option, he is unplayable for a couple weeks as no one will trust him after 2 bad performances and the injury news which tanks his value for rushing and goal line TD vulturing.

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Furthermore, I would take Jacoby “Where’s the beef” Brisket ROS over Cam.


I know this is late but I had the same predicament except 12 team and Cam was my only QB. I dropped Cam on Saturday to pickup Matt Stafford (I should’ve picked up Jacoby Brissett). I also have Tyreek Hill, Tevin Coleman, Gallup, Devin Singletary all injured so I had to get creative and pickup Hardman last week and Agholor this week. Doing so won me my weeks. I figured there will be better QBs on the waiver and just stream.