Would you drop either of these players?

M.Mack, or K.Johnson and pick up Jaylen Samuels? My opponent this week is the james Connor owner. I am concerned Kerryon doesn’t come back and is productive.

Might not be a bad idea. What else do you have on your roster though. Gotta think there might be something better. I too am worried they will sit Johnson down the rest of the season if they are out of it.

As @psychosem17 said.

Especially If you’re in a position to grab Samuels for nothing more than to block. If Connor is a “no-go” this week, you’re good. Even if Connor does go, and gets hurt again…you’re good. AND…what about after this week??? Good chance PIT rests Connor. You got Samuel…you’re good!!!

IDK…just a little food for thought there. :thinking:

Conner is OUT. They came clean and said ‘sprain’ today and ‘worse than originally feared’ (i.e. not a contusion). Fantasy Doctor says he thought it was a high ankle sprain but Tomlin came short of saying that. It sure looked like one to me. Even if it was minor he’s missing at least this week, possibly more.

So…there ya go @orange_crush!!!

I would drop Mack first, kerryon second

Different reports out there but some say high ankle sprain would be a minimum 4 weeks but who knows…

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Yeah…and I’m betting they’re not gonna take a chance with Connor. Not gonna push bringing him back too soon if they can possibly help it.

So we have one that say Mack first anyone else thinks drop Mack over kerryon?

You can drop either. But be cautious. I live in Pittsburgh and I will tell you this, Stevan Ridley will be involved in some capacity it is not like Samuel is going to take the Connor workload over. Ben needs protection this stage of his career and Ridley is a veteran back. Mack has a few tough matchup‘s but is the main guy when healthy. Kerryon I’m with you guys looking to the future they might not bring him back and risk and A.J. Green situation. I’d drop him first personally

I’m basically holding Mack just Incase if injury and samuels is a defensive move

i can see it as a blocking / security move but if you have to drop either of those guys you are potentially giving up a better player. especially as PIT is murmuring about RBBC despite not normally running that way.