Would you drop Royce Freeman for

Would you drop Royce Freeman for Christian Kirk? As a broncos fan I think I hold Freeman a little higher than I maybe should. But if Lindsay gets hurt man do I feel like the flood gates could open up wide.

Anyways RBs are Gordon and Hunt, then Clement, Ito smith, Fournette and Howard and Royce obvi

WRs are Thielen, Adams, odell, and kearse not much depth but I’m hard pressed to start any one other than the three big names haha but depth Incase of injury would be nice

Bumpity bump bump

The big risk you run here is Freeman doing something this week after you dropped him. Even in a RBBC he has good potential this week to do something. I’m still stashing him if I can. If you are in need for this week and have to grab Kirk to try and win then I understand. I think he’s a good PPR play rest of year.

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I would hold on to Royce Freeman to plug in for bye weeks or like you said hope Lindsay gets injured.

RB depth is much more important than WR depth, and you have 3 stud WRs that you will play every week.
If something does happen to one of your 3 stud WRs, there will be WRs similar in value to Christian Kirk on waivers if/when that time comes. I absolutely would not drop Freeman for Kirk right now…

Yeah. One of the guys was seriously considering Freeman as a play of the week. Neither of those teams can stop the run in that match up.

He is going to have a good week. Lohan is going to get hurt running inside. Only a matter of time. Using him like Kamara but Kamara is no chump. He’s actually a very strong avg size RB.

Thanks for the help guys!