Would you drop someone to handcuff Drake?

Chase Edmonds is on waivers. Do I drop one to handcuff Drake? This is a 12-team, double flex league. Here’s my roster…
Drake, Conner, Ingram, Coleman, Snell, Darrel Williams
Julio, D Adams, Cooper, Sanders
Hurst, Goedert

Unless this is a TE premium league, I’m not rostering two TEs. Drop Goedert and pickup Edmonds.

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Or drop Coleman if you need to drop an RB He has been super impressive in SF. Dropping GOEDERT works as well.

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It’s not. I’m pretty sure Goedert or Sanders are the two options to drop. I kind of want to hold Sanders though and see how he does.

I was already leaning Goedert. Think I’ll go that route. Afraid to drop Coleman til we see how that SF backfield works out.