Would you drop Vaughn for Goff?

Hey I’m in a keeper league and snagged Vaughn in the 13th. I could grab Goff off the Waiver for my back up Qb(MahomesQB1)
Is Vaughn a potentional Keeper for next year tho…!?
We can on keep players we drafted

If he is dropped, can you pick him back up before the end of the season and still keep him since you drafted him?

If so, that is what I would do if you think there is a chance of keeping him depending on what happens in the offseason. Goff will prove more valuable on your roster for this year.

That’s a good point…I’ll have to look into that.

I like goff this year and I don’t think Vaughn will do anything out the gate
Good risk to put Vaughn back to waiver and store Goff

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