Would you even consider this

Was just offered a trade

Send Melvin Gordon
Receive Gronk and Lamar Miller

I want to reject since Lamar has been sub par and the injury risk of Gronk. It’s just hard to turn down Gronk with his upside. I know hes doubtful for this week but Gordon also came up late week with hammy and will be a gtd

Just realized tgis is an old roster. No longer have uzomah or lewis. I now have Chubb and a 2nd dst

I’m not the best at Trade advice, but I don’t think I’d accept Lamar for much of anybody or anything of value right now. He ain’t doing squat for nobody!!! And for Melvin??? Uh…nope. Don’t think so. Again…I’m not the best in this Dept…but…still…would have to say…ABSOLUTELY…NOPE…NOPE…NOPE.

That’s the way in leaning. I mean yeah it’s gronk but still.

Gordon is your only “every week” RB start (at least until the lions finally let Kerryon control the backfield). Therefore, I would reject.

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Furthermore… if Gordon doesn’t play this week, you have a very fine start in Kerryon instead. I expect him to have a break out game.

Never take this trade. Lamar Miller is done. Gronkowski is hurt.

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I rejected it. I was having some Nyquil brain haha

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I’m 5-1 and he’s 1-5. I still have an offer on the table to the Ertz owner that he’s slowly mulling over for Breida and Burton for Ertz. He’s also 5-1 and his best rb is Powell.

Sorry hes 1-5 not 5-1

LOL…it’s that time of year. I just got off the “drugs” myself yesterday. BUT…hey…you’re right…it’s hard to think straight on that stuff. WHICH IS WHY YOU (and I, and TONS of others are here!!!)

We help each other out and do the best we can to offer that “second opinion!!”

Hey…LOL…this is some serious CHIT here!!! Especially getting on to this time of the season…the decisions we make today could make or break the whole rest of the season!!! And then all we can do is chomp at the bit til NEXT YEAR!!! LOL…and I’m usually going nuts by then waiting for it to get here. :rofl:

Yeah, a league mate and a few friends are planning on starting a dynasty league. Our current league is getting a little too drama filled. I put money in so I take it serious. Other in our league not so much so it’s starting to lose its competitive fun

Yeah…those in the money leagues DEFINITELY tend to take this stuff a little more seriously. And understandably so. Trust me, I wish I could afford to do a couple of those leagues.
I’m one who takes the league I’m in (which is just for fun and bragging rights) VERY SERIOUS because it’s still MAJOR FUN to know that your strategizing, studying and researching pays off from week to week. (of course, I’m apparently not doing the RIGHT strategizing, studying or researching this year somehow since I’m sitting at 2-4. BUT…DADGUMMIT…I’M DETERMINED!!! AND I WILL PREVAIL!!!)

LOL…sounds good right???..and who knows??? It’s only mid-season!!! ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN AT THIS POINT!!! :grin:

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Exactly, good luck ros and thank you and all for the 2nd opinion

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Same to you my friend!!! :+1:

I’m 6-0 In a 12 man league and drafted Devante Adams and Melvin Gordon then traded James white and a 3rd round pick for AB … I also drafted Ertz as my TE and drafted Famous Jameis and sat on him worth the wait!!! Team is in trouble with AB and Adams on bye and MG now questionable for tomorrow early early game!!!

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I currently have moved Melvin to the bench on the off chance I oversleep and he gets ruled out. Currently have Kerryon and Chubb as my starters

Yep. I’m taking the chance and have Chubb in my FLEX. May or may not be the best choice…but hey…LOL…I’m sitting at 2-4 this week. So…if I screwed up…won’t be the FIRST TIME this season or the worst choice I’ve made so far. Got Gurley and Coleman starting. So…oh well…we’ll see what happens. For once I’m not sweating it. Maybe that’s the key. QUIT SWEATING IT AND JUST SAY…“OH WELL”!!! LOL

We’ll see what happens!!! :smirk:

I got my alarm set for 7:30! So I can check if Melvin’s in