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Would you ever ever ever draft two TE's in the first and second round?


The TE rankings every year frustrate me. Clearly the gap between the top 1 or 2 TE’s and everyone else is HUGE. That got me thinking. What if I drafted Kelce in round 1 and Ertz in round 2? Pretty standard format 14-team redraft league. QB WR WR RB RB TE W/R/T D K. After round 1 and 2, I have Kelce as TE and Ertz as W/R/T. I did a mock on Draft Wizard fantasy pros and received an F grade with this strategy. However, I wasn’t actually that put out with my team in comparison to others. My starters are WR Lockett WR C. Ridley RB D. Henry RB L. Murray QB L. Jackson/Tom Brady The potential advantage I see is an every week TE and even possibly W/R/T positional advantage over opponents. Not sure if I am sold on it though. Picked at #6 just for kicks. Kelce 1.6


Hi, i just went on a dynasty (150$ entry) league with Kelce at 2.08 and Kittle with my 2nd choice (because of pre draft trades) of the 3rd round at 3.05

So if you want to go with 2 highly TE (and there is not a lot of TE…like each and every year)… Go Go GO GO buddy !!!


No I wouldn’t do it. I just don’t see two dominant te covering the points that get missed from missing the top end rb and wr options.


No way.
Only way of that being ok, it’s if you are playing in a 2 TE league, otherwise, you will never flex Ertz over a 2nd round RB or WR. Any of those guys will outscore Ertz (and probably Kelce too) at the end of the year.
The positional advantage is real, and valid, but only for picking one.


Nah I wouldn’t ever do this unless I was planning on trading one of them for max value but honestly I never draft to trade. The footballers ranked the TE’s in with the WR’s ending points last year and Kelce was like 8th and Ertz and kittle were in the teens. You would gain more points getting a WR or RB in the first then grab kelce or kittle in the 2nd.


Ok, thanks for the feedback. What if you picked later in round 1 and were able to take an RB/WR in round 1 and Kelce at the turn for example, would you consider Ertz as your 3rd round pick for that same positional advantage if he somehow fell to you?


Sounds like a losing strategy. Unless this is some crazy TE premium league where you get like 2 ppr.

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I understand your logic , but no way Ertz or Kelce produce more points than a top tier Rb or Wr on a weeKly basis

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The only way it works in my opinion is with unbelievable luck in finding breakthrough RB and WR later in the draft. But you’d probably utterly dominate your league with these guys had you taken RB and WR early too.