Would you flex callaway or ekeler this week?

Well? What should I do?

I’m deciding between Callaway, Ekeler, and a couple other players myself for the flex spot. Upside would be Callaway. If you just need someone to get you 8-12pts I would put Ekeler in though. He’s the 15th ranked rb in my 1/2pt ppr, he’s been consistently putting up good numbers. Also, the weather could affect the longball for Callaway, 10mph winds, not crazy but he has been dropping alot of balls and the wind won’t help.

Callaway could have that long touchdown though, if that’s what you think you need there’s a good possibility it would happen this week. CLE plays a defense that has been having a rough go of things. Also, besides Landry and Callaway, their wr corps is beat up. Duke Johnson and Njoku will get their targets, but obviously the wideouts will be getting alot themselves.

Good luck this week.