Would you give up

both Fitz and DeMarco to get Mixon?

And on the flip side, do you feel like this is too little for the other owner?

Current RBs and WRs
D Martin
C Carson

G Tate
D Parker
TY Hilton

Absolutely not. This makes no sense. I’m not even sold on giving only one of them for Mixon. haha.

So, I may be overvaluing him at the moment…

Yes. I think Mixon will end up being good, and I’m fine trying to buy him even. But those two is way too much. I think Fitz for Mixon might be an okay trade if you want some more upside at RB.

Ok… what about adding Carson to the mix so that they feel they are getting a good value? He’s not someone that I will play very often with what I have in front of him.

I think Mixon is a RB2. Probably low end RB2. Has all the talent, but that offensive line is brutal. Give me Demarco and his o line over Mixon any day.