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Would you guys accept any of these trades?


Hi everyone,

Been pushing to get some trades done in my league of record and these are what I’ve got to work with:

I trade D.Martin to receieve J.White and E.Sanders
I trade D.Martin to recieve D.Baldwin or maybe D.Thomas (Owner isnt keen on him so can maybe push him to trade)
I trade Crow for Parker or K.Benjamin

My team is:
Qb - Smith
Rb’s- Bell, Hunt, Crowell, Montgomery, Riddick, Martin, K.Williams
Wr’s- Crabtree, Ginn, Stills, Coleman

I have 2 spare spots on my bench and will likely cut coleman and williams for waiver pickups.

Would love some feedback to see how people feel about these



You’re stacked at RB. Go for either Baldwin or Thomas.


Agreed. Personally I’d move Crow for Parker.


Oh man I’d love to have Parker - try that first!


Thanks for the comments! I think I’ll aim for Parker first and then see if I can get Thomas