Would you have made this trade?

My Devonta and Tevin for Fournette.
I just completed a trade of my Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman for Leonard Fournette. Would you have made this trade? The Fournette owner accepted immediately so I’m worried I made a bad trade. What does the footclan think?

My other RBs: Saquon, Cook, Mattison, Pollard, Guice

You lost your depth since you have all handcuffs. But probably got the better end with freeman likely being out a few weeks.

Hell yes I like this trade. You got the best player in a 2:1. I’d take that all day. Your depth is fine at this point, too. You improved your starting lineup, ditched a non-starter, and Saquon, cook, and Fournette has to be a lock for best rb trio in your league.


Thanks for the input, I feel a little bit better about it now. I guess I should pick up Ryquell Armsted with the loose roster spot

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Maybe gallman with saquon getting a mri

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