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Would you keep a QB?


I can keep 3 players.
Round 1 Antonio Brown
Round 4 Travis Kelce
Round 8 Terrell Pryor
Round 11 Jameis Winston
Round 13 Jay Ajayi

This is a .5 PPR league. I am planning on keeping Brown and Ajayi. The 3rd player I keep changing my mind. Would it be dumb to keep Winton?


I don’t think would be dumb. Round 11 that is great value for him. Kelce should be number one in KC. It nice having a top 5 TE. QB is pretty deep this year.


Terrelle Pryor is going in the late 3rd in mocks right now so a round 8 pick is awesome value for him. He was able to produce on one of the worse offenses in the league last year and is in a much more favorable spot with Kirk Cousins throwing him the ball.


I don’t think it’s dumb but I’d rather keep Pryor.


Brown, Ajayi and Pryor would be my keepers.

Winston and Kelce can both be drafted in those rounds you have listed again, or even in later rounds.


I never keep QBs in keepers. I just don’t. Unless it’s a 2 QB league. otherwise whats the point? I can pick up a Joe flaccid in the 15 round if need be. What i cant get is a pryor in the 8th. That’s incredible value. So is ajayi. I’m not a huge fan of his this year, but to basically get a flyer on the current bell cow, and potential full year bell cow? Sign me up.


I plan on keeping a QB in my keeper league. I think as long as the value is there, its worthwhile.


I think you have to keep Pryor and Ajayi because of the amazing value that you are getting. You can make an argument for any of the remaining players as your third keeper. I would say that you shouldn’t keep Brown if you have a top 2 pick in your draft. You could keep another player and get Brown back but that is just a thought.


Pryor would be my pick.


Going to agree with the Consensus here and say it should be Pryor, it’s the best value. I just don’t think you need to keep a QB ever outside of maybe Rodgers.

I also really like Kelce but the 4th is a big value for him or anything.


Not only did you provide great advice, but you called Joe Flacco Joe Flaccid. Wish I could like this twice.


i have my moments of brilliance haha


lol Flaccid

Yeah I can’t add much here. Pryor and Ajayi are amazing values at those spots. Just take another RB as soon as possible.