Would You Make This 2 for 3 Trade

Cousins, and Golladay for Cooper Kupp, Trey Boo Boo and R Wilson? Its a full PPR 12 man league.

Current Lineup

Alex Smith or Cousins
49ers D
J Elliot


Mark Ingram
Jordan Howard
Jamison Crowder
Taywon Taylor
M Goodwin

IR Jack Doyle

Not sure if I should do it or not… Would basically have to trade one of my TE’s, and not sure how much better Kupp is than Golladay.

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honestly no. trey isnt producing like he was thought to and you can stream a TE cousins is easily the best QB involved in this trade and wilson isn’t doing well. the only part i like is kupp because of that offense but i think golladay is still a good wr.

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I would say no.

Cousins > Wilson (and his offensive line CANT block anyone)
Kenny G (So Smooth) = Kupp

Right now I am keeping Ebron, I trust him this year even when the weapons come back. Far and away the best red zone option for Luck.

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What if I can get him to take out Trey Boo Boo and replace Kupp with Keenan Allen. So it would be Cousins and Golladay for Keenan Allen and R Wilson

i’d still say no i dont like downgrading from cousins to wilson with what we’ve seen this year. Allen is definitely an upgrade but you have a solid WR core to work with. are you not doing well cause i dont understand why youd be pursuing a trade rn

Yes. Give me that trade all day.

Kupp > Golladay
WIlson > Cousins

TBB is irrelevant to me but you get him for free.

Kupp is a WR2 ROS. GOing to lead his team in RZ targets and probably TDs as well second only to Gurley.

WIlson has played bad until now but if you look at his upcoming schedule, he is going to ball. We know what wilson can do, we’ve seen it. Main problem has been that up until now, he’s been facing teams with really good defenses but terrible offenses who cant score. He needs teams that can put up points which forces him to go out and score on his side which we know he can.

If anyone is selling wilson right now, I am 100% buying. I’m willing to waterbet anyone that Wilson blows cousins out of the water ROS.

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Well I started out 0-4 because of me being stubborn holding onto Lev Bell, dealt with injuries from Mixon, Goodwin, Ingram being suspended, TY playing average, Doyle and facing 4 matchups where people scored the most on the week, each week. Facing a great opponent this week, so looking for every point possible lol.

Wilson at home vs the rams, will put up points. He’s going to have to go out there and probably throw 40-50 times a game for the next 5 weeks if you look at his matchups. All subpar pass defenses but explosive offenses.

So that’s 2 no’s and one overwhelming yes lol. Your saying start Wilson even over Smith with his matchup?

Wilson has Baldwin back too, which doesn’t mean as much with the injuries as it used to but it’s still better than what he’s had to work with.

Don’t forget that Baldwin is also coming back. So yeah, I 100% agree with this comment.

Yes. Smith has no legit weapons at receiving other than Reed. Even though its a + matchup in NO, it’s hard to continue to put up his production when WRs are getting no points. You’re relying on multi TD games from reed + CT to break multiple long reception dump offs. That is a not a formula for success.

I’m happily starting Wilson over almost any other QB for the next 5-6 weeks. I think he’s going to be a stud for ROS.

Funny part is I traded this guy R Wilson for Hyde and Boyd after he picked him up off waivers lol…

Anyone else have an opinion?

Ok son I’m not alone, my team is stacked but I was lucky enough to be the guy this season who has the most PA by about 100

I’d make the trade I love it I want a piece of that Rams offense