Would you make this deal for Ertz?

10 team, Full PPR, redraft. I am 3-3.

Had a pretty good waiver/free agency period and managed to rebuild much of my bench, including using my #1 waiver on Doug Baldwin. Now I am trying to re-open trade talks with the Ertz owner.

We had previously discussed this trade, but I am a bit skeptical because I am a huge Gordon fan and do feel like he’s on the cusp of a breakout:

I give:
Trey Burton
Josh Gordon

I get:
Zach Ertz

I suggested giving the same deal with Baldwin instead of Gordon, and he is/was entertaining it, but says that he prefers Gordon because he has Baldwin on several other teams.

I just threw this trade idea out there to try to expand the deal and see if I could gain more. Do you think this might get accepted, and if so is it worth it? I suggested:

I give:

I get:
Kenny Stills (who I would drop for, say, Kearse)

Here’s my team as is:

QB: Patrick Mahomes
RB: Sony Michel
RB: Matt Breida
WR: Josh Gordon
WR: Taylor Gabriel
TE: Trey Burton
W/R/T: Ito Smith
DEF: Colts
K: Justin Tucker
BN: Davante Adams (bye)
BN: Juju Smith-Schuster (bye)
BN: Doug Baldwin (bye)
BN: Geronimo Allison (bye)
BN: Leonard Fournette
BN: OJ Howard


i like it because you upgrade at TE and RB. But you are clearly going to be hurting this week at WR if you go through with it.

Yeah, I’d have to try to squeak by with Gabriel and Kearse

Do the deal then flip OJ for another WR piece.

also you’d be down to 3 RBs, not ideal. Maybe work a deal with Baldwin or JuJu for some RB depth.

but if it was down to Mixon, Sony, and Ito that’s a fine core (barring injuries) I think (should that offer theoretically be accepted). Do you think the offer would even be in the realm of possibility of getting accepted? I think it seems pretty reasonable but obviously I have bias in this case.

Depends. The perceived value of Gordon is likely all over the board right now. You’re asking someone to sell a top two TE for a guy that is almost entirely potential at this point and a proven inferior TE to Ertz. It’s all going to depend on this individual’s perceived value of Gordon. I happen to be a person that would value him greatly right now but would want to buy low on him. Ertz is a critical piece that separates the Ertz owner from all other owners except the Kelce owner at this point.

I meant the Mixon one. The Gordon/Burton for Ertz straight up is already supposedly coming my way but I’m a big time Gordon believer so I’m sketchy on it