Would you make this move?

I need some Wr help. Would you drop k.johnson and pick up Sutton my starting wr are juju and j.jones. Jones has a foot injury. As well kerryon may not comeback. I am in first place right now.

What’s your roster?

I’d be all over Sutton with Sanders going down for ROS.

I’m not too high on him. It means Sutton will now be the one seeing the shutdown corners. No thank you. But I still wouldn’t drop him

for me it depends on who are your other running backs… if you are not going to use kerryon, even if on of your starters go down, i would buy in on sutton… the upside is there

My Rb: Lindsay, Chubb, mcaffrey, kamara and white on my bench

Yeah Johnson will never see the field for you. Sutton is probably your best shot at nice playoff production off the waiver. He will get more attention but he has the size and skill to produce against the best.


id do it. You dont need kerryon.

Sutton or Dj Moore