Would you make this trade? 0.5 PPR 12 Team

I’m considering offering my Keenan Allen, Jordan Howard, and Aaron Jones for his Mark Ingram and Kenny Golladay.

I currently have Zeke, Jordan Howard, Sony Michel, Aaron Jones, and Kerryon Johnson, along with Keenan Allen, Doug Baldwin, and Jermaine Gresham.

The goal here is to have my 2 RBs and flex locked in, with Ingram and Kerryon already off bye. Golladay has already had his bye as well.

I’m 3-3 and the other team is 2-4, and they lost Devonta Freeman… They have absolutely no RB depth and a lot of WR depth. Is giving away Keenan Allen a bad idea? Will Jordan Howard bounce back…?

I wouldn’t mind losing Howard and Jones for Ingram at all. I think Howard could bounce back, but I wouldn’t feel bad if I traded him and he did. I’m also a huge believer in Golladay, and he definitely could be better than Allen ROS in my opinion. BUT, if Keenan Allen were to bounce back and be good like last season after I traded him I would not be happy about it. I would maybe try just Jones and Howard for Ingram, or maybe a step down from Allen at WR on your side of the trade. Then if you need to and want to you could counter and upgrade your WR to Allen to make the trade happen, if that makes sense lol.

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Definitely makes sense. The reasons for initially offering Allen and not Baldwin are that 1. Baldwin is on bye right now so it wouldn’t help him much, and 2. a few of the guys in my league love to give me crap about making “unfair” trades just because I typically have success making trades and they don’t.

So I’ve been trying to be as “fair” as possible, even though like the guys always say on the show… if a trade is accepted without any signs of collusion, it’s a fair trade and doesn’t deserve to be vetoed. My league is just kind of anti-trade which is so incredibly frustrating.

I have people like that too. But I would offer Baldwin first. He has some name value, and I don’t think the RBs side is unfair given the situation of the other team.

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