Would you? Micheal Thomas For Travis Kelce

16 team Full Point PPR
All Depth aside would you trade
M.Thomas for Kelce straight up?

I’m not a ppr player, but I’ve been considering this trade as a Michael Thomas owner. Curious what people think on this trade.

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well lets see what the FootClan says together lol

Kelce has a bye week 10 and a lot of mouths to feed with the Saints-if it makes you better then do it as Kelce is a top 3 tight end and a good one is hard to get at this point in the year if ya didn’t draft a good one-

Without depth being an issue I say hell yeah! TE is a tough position this year, and he is one of the best

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The Guy who has Kelce realllllly wants Thomas from me…
Im thinking about offering
M.Thomas + another piece for A.Cooper & Kelce… what you think?..

Depending kn what the piece is, but if you could get cooper in return, 110% do it. His schedule in the playoffs is so sessi and he’s had the targets so far. I think he will be a wr1 low end wr2 ros.

Im gonna make the offer and see what he does… Thnx for the input guys you all rock