Would you move forward with this trade? Blockbuster deal!

It’s a 10 team, full ppr, 4pt passing TD league. Would you accept this trade on my end? I would still have Derek Carr and Taysom Hill as my other QBs. At RB, I already have Jonathan Taylor and Najee (gotta love having the last pick in the 1st round lol) who would go with Dalvin if I do this deal. I’m also in 2nd place in my league so playoffs is pretty much guaranteed.

I would receive:

  • Dalvin Cook
  • Mattison
  • Logan Thomas

Give Away:

  • Dak
  • D Swift
  • Fant

full ppr? Is Cook that much of an upgrade to swift? I would definitely rather have dak than carr. I think I would hold.

Thanks Michael! After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to move forward with the deal. I’ll explain why and this is just my IMO.

Dalvin’s points have been capped because of the lack of TDs right now. Based on his career, that should start to tick back up as we move thru the season. Also, getting Mattison still locks me into the Vikings RB value.
Swift is a garbage time machine but the Lions have shown that they are willing to pull him if the game becomes a blowout. Carr has a phenomenal ROS schedule so I’m not too worried about that as I see the Cowboys running game eating in some of Dak’s points during this next stretch. And don’t sleep on Logan Thomas!! 2nd easiest schedule for TEs the ROS (Fant actually has the easiest lol). The Broncos typically have a slow offense and a limited amount of passes to divy up within that crowded WR room. WFT is getting healthier and they will need Thomas down the stretch to keep up with some strong offenses.